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David Krulewich

Philanthropy/Community Involvement

David Krulewich is a telecommunications enthusiast. As an entrepreneur & executive, David has built himself a successful media and entertainment empire.  In addition to his leadership skills, David is an expert at analytics and research. He earned his digital media certification from the prestigious Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and his skill set includes mastering audience research solutions such as Nielson, comScore, and Hitwise. David also boasts expert-level CRM skills with content marketing solutions such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Admiral, Savannah, and Lighthouse.

David, who lives in Fairfield, CT, is David Krulewich is the Chief Revenue Officer of Audiohook, a leading media and technology company. David was previously the Senior Vice President and Head of Sales for Audiology. Owned by Katz Digital, Audiology is a part of America’s largest podcast and digital audio marketplace.

David has been passionate about telecommunications from a young age. David graduated from Penn State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications. 

Turner Entertainment Networks in New York City as an Account Service Representative. David started to establish contacts with media buyers and firms such as OMD, Mediavest, and Mediacom. He was in control of over $40 million in sales and created bespoke advertising strategies to meet the dimensions of advertisers’ target demographics. David accepted an opportunity to work as an Account Executive at 24/7 Real Media after a few years. David Krulewich started to thrive in the digital marketing field here, and he expanded his portfolio of media relationships. David’s consultative sales technique included working with the in-house publicity planning group. This all-inclusive, creative atmosphere resulted in problem-solving concepts that used first-party statistics as well as pioneering behavioral targeting methods.

David Krulewich developed strategic partnerships with local agencies and third-party distributors while working as a Sales Executive for Interclick (later bought by Yahoo!). David quickly established himself as a competent leader in charge of his own staff. David expanded his network of advertisers and other key players in the online sales and marketing business and fulfilled revenue objectives. David increased his use of advertising techniques and became recognized for his marquee events and community contributions. David’s philanthropic nature was a natural match for his profession, and he often planned events that benefited non-profit groups.

David’s next position was as Senior Sales Manager in charge of Strategic Accounts for Connexity, Inc. David spent years cultivating long-term connections with organizations such as British conglomerate WPP, Omnicom, and Time, Inc. As a leader, David expertly oversaw his own sales team, exceeding all financial objectives and the company’s management by objective (MBO) goals. David was also a driving force behind the development of Shopzilla, which started as a comparison-shopping site called Under David’s direction, the firm renamed itself Connexity and launched a new branding path.

When he is not disrupting the world of digital marketing, David is an avid sportsman and philanthropist. To learn more about David and his impressive career, please visit his other websites, and

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