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When most people choose to get involved in philanthropy, they typically decide to donate or volunteer with a cause that they are passionate about. Many are stunned when they realize that almost every passion of theirs most likely has a related nonprofit in that niche. Fitness and sports are just one of the many niches that offer a variety of nonprofits for individuals to get involved in. Discover a few of these below.

Kids Fit Foundation

Having been in operation for over a decade now, Kids Fit Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed towards serving communities by funding and providing fitness programs for at-risk youth and their families. Physical activity plays a huge role in building confidence and good mental health. Kids Fit Foundation strives to provide an outlet where kids can reduce their sedentary activities, form friendships and gain access to a healthier lifestyle, both through fitness and nutritional meals. The organization hosts events, the Kids Fit Fun Runs being the most attended.

Good Sports

Good Sports is an inspirational organization whose mission is to give all kids the lifelong benefit of being involved with sports and maintaining physical fitness. They achieve this goal by providing equipment, apparel and footwear to those who are in need. While many families are able to afford to enroll their children in sports, pay for travel expenses and gear, many children do not have this luxury. Good Sports supplies youth organizations with the necessary gear so that children can participate in these sports and learn valuable life skills.

Mauli Ola Foundation

Physical fitness is known to have many benefits for growing children, but this physical activity doesn’t always have to look the same for everyone. The Mauli Ola Foundation, in particular, was created by surfers in 2007. This nonprofit is dedicated to providing hope and confidence to those living with genetic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis. Through using the healing powers of the ocean, volunteers work with these individuals to introduce them to surfing and other water-based activities as natural therapies.

There are numerous ways to grow involved with a nonprofit of your choosing, whether through donating, volunteering, or even sharing about them on social media. If you have a particular passion and want to discover ways to help people through it, keep in mind that there are countless nonprofits seeking passionate individuals like yourself to help further their mission.