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Organizing a Community Day is an excellent way to unite the community and promote a healthier lifestyle. To host a successful event, several things need to be done. This article will go through the five steps of organizing and running an event.


  1. Have a formal application process
    First, you must determine which application process is best for your event. If you use a park or other city property like a school, you must go through the City’s special event permit process. You can use the Community Event Application Form for smaller events held off-site.


  1. Have a special permit
    Once you submit your application form, the City will assign a Public Safety Officer to review it for any possible violations of by-laws, fire codes, or health & safety regulations. Generally, this process takes between 3 and 4 weeks from the submission date. During this time, you will be allowed to hold events where they are not violating any specific by-laws or regulations.


  1. Require tent and canopy permits
    If you use a park or other city property like a school, you will also need to obtain a special permit for each additional event space.


  1. Ensure safe food handling practices
    Always contact the City’s Health Department to obtain any required Food Handling Permits. It would help if you also planned to ensure that all food is thoroughly cooked. Be sure to have adequate cold storage for potentially hazardous foods such as eggs and dairy products.


  1. Have a plan for contracting city services
    All events must have a Fall-Out Shelter and Emergency Action Plan to ensure safety and security. Your RD&D Coordinator can assist you with the steps involved, including training and procedures.


  1. Have a budget
    Finally, once your event is approved and you have secured your event spaces, you will need to have a budget ready to distribute among city staff upon request. This will include paid event staff such as police officers and firefighters and free-will donations from businesses, community organizations, and individual donors.


One of the most important parts of organizing a Community Day is ensuring the food served is healthy, nutritious, and free from harmful bacteria. Cakes, pastries, cookies, and other baked goods must be made from scratch with all-natural ingredients that are free from artificial additives such as preservatives. This will promote a healthy environment for everyone involved in the event, including those who attend.